Year-End Performance

Experience the Magic of  Indonesian Folklore:

"Year-End Performance” Coming Soon June 2024

Prepare yourself to be taken on a captivating journey into the world of Indonesian folklore this June 2024, because St. Johannes Berchmans School proudly announces the upcoming End-Year Performance! Featuring students from early years to secondary levels, this spectacular event will revive two beloved tales from Indonesian culture: "Timun Mas" and "Roro Jongrang".
"Timun Mas" tells the thrilling story of a courageous girl who escapes from the clutches of an evil giant, while "Roro Jongrang" narrates the epic legend of a princess with extraordinary powers. Through these tales, audiences will enjoy a rich cultural experience and celebrate the depth and beauty of Indonesia's cultural heritage. Join us for an evening of magic, laughter, and inspiration as we come together to celebrate the achievements of our students and the rich diversity of Indonesian culture. Stay tuned for more information regarding ticket sales and showtimes.
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