Banten Pemula Swimming Competition Champions 2024

Secondary Students Clinch Gold in Multiple Categories at Banten Pemula Fun Swimming 2024

(03/03/2024) An extraordinary achievement has been reached by three secondary students in the Banten Pemula Fun Swimming 2024 competition. Ezekiel Amadeus Rong Sugiarto, Elliot Timotheus Yau Sugiarto, and Napoleon have etched their names in history by clinching gold medals in multiple categories, affirming their excellence and prowess in the world of swimming. Their success not only showcases their natural talent but also the dedication and hard work they have invested in training and preparing for the competition. This achievement is not only a source of pride for themselves but also for their school and swimming community. Their success did not come without support; it is the result of tremendous support from coaches, friends, and family. They have provided invaluable encouragement and moral support throughout the preparation and competition process.
Their outstanding performance in the Banten Pemula Fun Swimming 2024 Competition serves as inspiration for their peers and proves that with hard work, dedication, and high spirits, anything is possible. May their achievement serve as a catalyst for fellow students and the younger generation to continue pursuing their dreams and carving out even greater achievements in the future.

Elliot Timotheus Yau Sugiarto

Ezekiel Amadeus Rong Sugiarto


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